Yo Mamma Was A O-rangutan

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 6:00:00 AM

And yo daddy was a gorilla, if you believe the evolutionists regarding the origins of mankind. Yur great grand-dad was an amoeba, simply amazing you turned out so well!

That kind of lineage is really something to be proud of. I'm certainly impressed, as I'm sure you are! Maybe they should run for office, or teach my children all about life! The intellect involved to come up with the idea is truly awe inspiring! I may have to fall down and worship!

Yuk! Where did they get this nonsense? I nearly fell off my chair laughing at the evidence that "proves" the theory of evolution.

"A puddle of water is evidence that it has rained. The water is wet, just like rainwater. The water has wetted the ground where the puddle is, just like rainwater does. The puddle has tadpoles swimming in it, just as we have observed in other puddles formed from rainwater. The grass near the puddle is growing more vigorously than the grass farther from the puddle, just as grass grows abundantly after a rain. The water is mostly composed of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, the same as rainwater. The remaining composition of the water is similar to rain samples kept on file. I have a computer program that simulates rainwater puddle action, and the simulation produces a puddle with the same characteristics. The theory of rainwater origin for the puddle provides the best and most thorough explanation for a variety of facts concerning the puddle. Therefore it has rained."

Are these super-scientists completely anti-intellectual, or just short on brains? Perhaps there is a screw loose, or someone left the sprinklers on too long.

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