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Sunday, July 24, 2011 10:55:10 AM

I've picked up a new bible for every day use (thanks to my wife) ... what do you think? I think its a beauty.

ISBN 0191179515, Oxford University Press, Brevier Clarendon type, Calfskin.

It is a FAT 2 inches. The paper is relatively thick, and so adds to the bulk. I would have gotten this Allan (1.5 inches), but they aren't available yet. I prefer the stiffer calfskin over the softer leathers which make a book a little too "floppy" in the hand, in my opinion.

The text is pretty, and easy on the eyes (look toward the bottom where it is in focus):

My previous bible has become a little tattered, and I was concerned further daily use would expedite the deterioration. I know, I could have had it re-bound, but you lose some of your inside margin in that process, and I didn't think that acceptable.

The problem point. I've really enjoyed this bible for it's thinner profile, adequate margins, and font. Oxford no longer produces it, unfortunately.

re: New Bible

Saturday, July 30, 2011 11:09:30 PM Blessed Momma

I like your new Bible, it's pretty!  You get to fill it up with notes!  I know there are extra note pages at the end, my Cambridge has that too, but I don't ever remember to look at the one note that I have written back there.  I wonder if that company you told me about will get the licensing and start publishing your old Oxford Bible again.

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