Liar in Chief

Monday, May 16, 2011 9:24:29 PM

I don't know how you can stand it. Barak Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America opens his mouth, and he apparently cannot cease from sin. I usually flip the channel when he comes on TV, for I have yet to see him open his mouth except to spew out lies and hatred. If he once opened his mouth and told the truth, I'd fall out of my chair in amazement.

I can take it no more, the bastards of deceit are quoting scripture now. If no one stands up to speak God's word in all of its accuracy and integrity, the country known as the USA doesn't have a chance in hell. How can it?

To support his illegal immigration policy, the President quotes Deuteronomy 10:19. Then he says "To me, that verse is a call to show empathy...". It goes on, a complete blathering of lies, as if he were a holy man of God. He likes the verse for his own reasons, but no doubt he despises the one which clearly says the scriptures are of no private interpretation.

Read the whole chapter of Deuteronomy chapter 10. Does it say any thing about empathy? Does it say any of the other blather he blathered? It says none of it, if you haven't forgotten how to read. When you read, remember that the book of Deuteronomy was addressed to Israel and the children of Israel, and was in effect only up until the time Jesus Christ fulfilled all the old covenant law.

I could sit here and parse the entire speech, but I don't know what the profit would be.

He gets away with it because no one in the audience has any respect for God's word. No one in the media has any respect for God's word. No one in a pulpit has any respect for God's word. No one in this country has any knowledge of the one true God, because they have no knowledge of God's word, it seems.

The thing he did to God's word is done every Sunday on every street corner in America by the very people most Americans have delegated their bible teaching to.

Open the book, read a verse of scripture, and let me hear you comment on it. Water boarding sounds barely less pleasant.

If Americans do not come back to God's word, come back and have respect to God by respecting his word, I don't see how we stand a chance as a nation. We have so far been mightily blessed by God's mercy and God's grace, but I don't know how a nation that desires to be in bondage won't get its wish.

 I wouldn't wipe my butt with the unholy paper they write their speeches on.

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