Gravity Pains

Saturday, May 14, 2011 4:00:00 AM

The title deed I have in my hand for the land I dwell upon states that I and my wife are "joint tenants" of the land, and my lawyer told me we have exclusive right to use the property, with rights of survivorship. It took me a long time to figure out what "joint tenancy" meant, no doubt because I'm a little slow.

It is joint because both my wife and I are named on the deed, and it is "tenant" because that is just what we are. We are renters. Someone else is the landlord, the owner of the land. We also rent the structure that is more or less permanently attached (due to its sheer size and weight) to the land.

To occupy the land and use the structure, I pay annual rent to the county government. The county government tells me what I must pay to rent the land, and I may not negotiate with them a more favorable deal. This is all done by order of the Oklahoma State Constitution, and is enforced the County Sheriff's cadre of deputies, shotguns, assault rifles, hand grenades, helicopters, high speed cruisers, surveillance equipment, and K-9 units. The State has numerous heavily armed national guard units (tanks and rockets) to help out if the sheriff can't handle collections to the state's satisfaction. One of units is just down the road. The situation is similar in your state as well, no doubt.

Because the land on which I dwell is also encompassed by the borders of the town in which I live, I receive daily orders and demands from the municipal government on how to use and maintain the land on which I dwell. The town received its charter to do this from either the county or state government, I don't know which, but it is backed up by the combined military power of both, should the need arise.

The tragic thing is that I paid a lot of money to purchase the revocable rights to be the the sole tenant of the land I occupy! I was duped, really. They will throw me off the land if I fail to pay the rent. Curiously, after they throw me off, due to the effects of gravity, I'll land on some more land they own, but there will be no remorse on their part.

If I'd gone to law school, perhaps I would have known better earlier. Instead, I was raised in public schools, where we saluted a three-colored flag every morning and learned how to recite the English alphabet and how to nap. I grew up believing that the flag stood for some republic somewhere, which was also one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. I grew up believing that the somewhere was supposed to be the country I lived in. The alphabet was for communication and the nap was for my own good.

When evil men and seducers use words, they don't mean the same thing that you read in any standard dictionary. I suspect there is not a single word that means the same thing to the pro-slavery group as it means to you and to me. Even the simple word "is" is apparently fodder for dissimulation by the highest office in the land. They open their mouths, in hatred, and they cannot cease from sin.

Take the word "ownership". In public school, they teach from kindergarten about ownership of things. They teach you all about possessive pronouns, and how to conjugate verbs for them. When my parents gave me a B-B gun at 8 years old, I understood that it was mine, along with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that came along with it. I cherished that rifle, and took it with me on every outing I could. Although my parents warned me that I'd loose my privilege of using it if I used it irresponsibly, they never threatened my ownership. They had given it to me. It was mine. I owned it.

When I was a little older, I began to study God's word, and discovered that the Creator of the heavens and the earth had similarly engaged himself in the giving of gifts. I discovered that he was still engaged in it, and that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance , which means God doesn't change his mind after he's given something, and decide to take it back. You own whatever God has given you, its yours. The gift of holy spirit is like that, as is eternal life, which we'll see in full manifestation as time goes on.

The government at all levels talks about and encourages ownership of some things, and discourages ownership of other things. It is certain they encourage home ownership, and some people think that a noble idea. Even the President of the United States seems to be on the local board of realtors, for he often talks about that rights of people to own their own home. The President and the Congress coerce private banks into lending money to whoever makes application, in the name of home ownership for all. In the event of default by the borrowers, the government just harvests their groves of greenback trees to give the fruit to the banks, and so a perverse collusion insures both the banks and the government get what they want.

They encourage home ownership, not because they like you, or because they want you to give glory to God for all the great things He has done, but because they need tenants to pay the rent on the land they own, and to take care of it. If they were honest in their usage of words, they'd talk about your rights to be a tenant, not a homeowner.

And that means they are not talking about rights either. They are talking about enslavement. Your rights were sold by your ancestors. Not us, but our parents or grandparents or somebody up the line sold all the land to the state or federal government in exchange for "free" public schools, "free" libraries, "free" vo-techs, and whatever else they could think of that seemed to them like a good trade. Does that not remind you of the silly thing the Egyptian people did in a time of famine under some Pharaoh and a man of God named Joseph? Does it not remind you of Esau's goofy trade of his birthright to Jacob for a piece of bread?

Our ancestors sold us out. They sold both us and our little ones into permanent tenancy. You have to occupy some land, you don't have any choice about it. Because of the laws of physics, and because our ancestors sold us out, every one of us pays rent and is a tenant of the state government (unless you've also sold the remainder of your natural rights, and the government clothes, feeds, and houses you).

So when they say "rights" they mean "enslavement", and when they say "ownership", they mean "tenancy". So "tenant enslavement", or, from their point of view, "slave ownership". They change all the words to make it more palatable to the "citizens". Don't you prefer the sound of "home ownership"?

 Well, at this time in my life, I don't have any other choice than to occupy some portion of the land, due to the effects of gravity. I am looking forward to that day when gravity looses its grasp. It will mean that the trumpet of God has sounded, Jesus Christ has returned, the dead in Christ have been raised, and the invited of God are gathered together unto him. You can read about the details of the anti-gravity event in God's word, in 1 Thessalonians, chapter 4. It is a great comfort to the family of God.

I'll probably pay the rent until then, but only until then. I have the satisfaction in the meantime of knowing that all the collected rents in the world are not going to buy the landowners a place in the new heavens and earth.

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