Don't Get That Chiseled Look

Thursday, August 25, 2011 2:30:00 PM

It certainly is an awesome joy and privilege to be invited to reverence, worship, and praise the one true God, the father of Jesus Christ. It is fit and proper, according to Ephesian 3:21, that

     Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.

The church of God, biblically speaking, is not a building or denomination or even a gathering of people. The "church" of God is those people who have been called or invited by God to be a part of his family. That is the meaning of the Greek word, ekklesia, which is translated church in most English bibles. Some languages other than English don't have a special word for those who have been invited or called by God. You should also remember that those  who were invited in the first century by God were called "Christians" first by unbelievers at Antioch.

Perhaps we should just get rid of the silly word "church", which comes with all sorts of baggage and misleading connotations. In fact, most connotations of the word are outright falsehoods.

You are invited of God to be a part of his family. If you are part of that family, then it is because you have been invited, or called into it, and you accepted the invitation, or calling. Really good choice, you've made. Part of that invitation comes with the promise of life and immortality. God is in the business of upholding that end of the bargain.

Idolatry, by definition, is worship of and subservience to the creation or anything in the creation instead of reverence of and respect or obedience to the creator of the creation.

God is the creator. The creation is everything that he created, including you and everything you see around you. He created and made some things that are invisible, like life, love, peace, and light.

False gods are less interesting than pet rocks, even with the faces that get chiseled on them. They are deaf, dumb, and blind. Those that worship them are like unto them.

When idolators open their mouths, every philosophical musing and conclusion they draw can, given enough time, proven to be demonstrably false. When a man or woman opens his mouth, you must decide if he is speaking for the one, true God, or for a false god. If his words are full of lies and deceit, you'll have some indication right away. If he is well versed in trickery, the indications are more subtle. The better the huckster, the more subtle and persuasive he'll be. Don't ever trust that you are smarter or more clever than any huckster out there. Their joy is after all, and for the time being, huckstering. If your joy is confounding them, see a doctor walking in love for a neck up check-up.

As history shows, even average hucksters can get themselves elected to the presidency of the United States of America, the highest office in the land. The current holder of that office and the holders of many lesser offices are just such ones.

God's joy is that his children walk in the truth. It should be our joy when anyone's attention is turned from darkness to light, from the power of Satan unto the God of our lord Jesus Christ, that they receive forgiveness of sins, and the inheritance that God has promised them as well as us.

For your own self, 'tis best to keep your heart and mind saturated with the truth of God's word, and keep a good look out.


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